Donna Carolina is an Italian footwear brand that takes inspiration for its collections from its territory of origin: Venice, famous not only for its atypical streets and squares, but for the world-famous artifacts, such as glass, lace and shoes.
Since its creation in 1957, Donna Carolina has been able to maintain excellent workmanship in every shoe over the years, guaranteeing each collection that very ancient craftsmanship tradition, typical of the Venetian territory.

Having become an icon of style and comfort in the footwear sector, Donna Carolina offers, in each collection, very high quality in its shoe production, without ever renouncing stylistic innovation and comfort. Customers who choose Donna Carolina shoes are aware of wearing not just a shoe, but of owning a shoe of style and elegance, identifying themselves with a quality brand. In fact, thanks to the rigorous conservation of the most ancient artisan secrets, Donna Carolina has the ability to always guarantee the highest quality in her collections.

Elena and Enrico Terrin carry on this ambitious family heritage, preserving the artisan philosophy that has guaranteed them the success of this extraordinary brand. Thanks to the constant commitment and scrupulous attention of each link in the production chain, Donna Carolina exports all over the world, always meeting the expectations of its customers. Over 100 steps are required to make Donna Carolina shoes: from the selection of the best Italian leathers, worked for more than an hour by master craftsmen, to the finishing operations. The result is unique shoes, like the women who wear them.

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